Walker’s Lunchbox

Eat to keep going & replace lost energy

Hiking consumes calories – that’s a no-brainer, really. But it also means you have to take with you food replace some of those calories you use on your walk. You need food that’s going to give you that replacement energy, and also something that can sustain you if something happens and you’re stuck out overnight. To stop you feeling tired and lethargic you need to put energy back into your body as fast as you use it. Start your day with a good hearty dollop of porridge, not the most appetising start to the day but it is a slow energy release and will help you through you walk.

Good types of walking food.

  • Chocolate is brilliant for that burst of energy – especially the one that helps you work, rest and play!!
  • Sunflowers seeds – High in calories.
  • Bananas – are high in potassium, helps stop cramps. Excellent energy boost.
  • Energy bars – look out for the high (complex) carbohydrates bars.
  • Remember the good ‘ol walker’s favourite, the Kendal mint bar – well sickly but will boost up over those hills.

Drink plenty of water.

You also need to make sure you have plenty of water with you – and drink it while you walk. It is very important to stay hydrated; if you don’t, leg muscles can cramp painfully, forcing you to stop, which is not pleasant if you’re out on exposed hills in bad weather. Make sure the water in your bottle is fresh, and that there’s plenty of it, a least a litre, and more if you’re going on a longer hike.

Jacqui Brasted
We loved our holiday walking the first stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast path supported by Walkalongway.com - walking activities in West Wales. I highly recommend!

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